Ep 3. TJ Unger - The Virtue TV


T. J. Unger

The Virtue TV

My guest today is T.J. Unger. T.J. is known all over the country for his role in the Carbon TV series The Virtue TV. I haven’t known T.J. for long, but in that short amount of time we have become very good friends. Today we discuss the Virtue TV and what goes into planning, executing and delivering one of the most popular hunting shows on the net. We talk about T.J.’s hunting roots, how he got started and the roller coaster ride leading up to The Virtue. Then we talk about an event that occurred on August 19, 2017 that changed T.J.’s life forever. We talk about the automobile accident that nearly cost T.J. his life and by all accounts, should have taken his legs and his ability to ever walk again. This is the first time that T.J. has really opened up about the vivid details of the accident, the paramedics that saved him, the doctors that said he would never walk and the friends and family that proved them wrong. The accounts of T.J.’s recovery are absolutely crazy and what he did, in a very short amount of time, defies logic. T.J. talks about how his faith was strengthened and defined in and through this terrible event and anyone who doubts that God will use for good what we perceive as a tragedy needs to listen up. We are so happy that T.J. was able to stop in and share his story with us.