Ep 6. Nick Charney - Apex Ammunition


Nick Charney

Apex Ammunition

My guest today is Nick Charney, co-owner of Apex Ammunition. Nick is an engineer and shotshell ballistics expert currently on active duty with the United States Air Force. We caught Nick right in the middle of waterfowl and turkey seasons and talked about how Apex got it’s start, the nuances and factors that go into producing premium performance ammunition as well as the ying and yang of tweaking true Tungsten loads. We also dove into the different Tungsten ratings and how those ratings indicate overall density of Tungsten pellets. We talked through the marketing schemes of modern day ammo manufacturers and why buzz words like “speed” do not equate to a more lethal round downrange. Faster does not necessarily mean better. We then discuss the 1991 ban on all lead shot for use in waterfowl hunting. For those guys out there that say there isn’t a single shred of evidence to justify the USFWS’ decision, you’re right… there’s not a single shred of evidence.. there is a TON of it. We talk about the before and after impacts of toxic vs. non-toxic shot and then compare Bismuth to Steel and then to Tungsten. This was a super informative episode for us and we think it will be for you as well.