Ep 9. Bryan Weight - Retay Arms, USA


Bryan Weight

Retay Arms, USA

My guest today is Bryan Weight, Sponsorship and Brand Director for Retay Arms, USA. Bryan lives in an area steeped in water fowling heritage… the Chesapeake Bay are. We discuss his experiences growing up in Georgia, being exposed to duck hunting, then moving to the hallowed waterfowl grounds of the Northeast. We talk about the history of the area and the unique ways that die hards pursue the multiple species found in the Atlantic Flyway. We also talk about how his passion for water fowling eventually landed him to a career in the sport he loves. We talk about SEC football, the LSU/Auburn rivalry and seafood. We have collaborated with Bryan on several different projects and have enjoyed every single one of them. He is solid believer and follower of Jesus and a gloriously bearded duck slaying savage, and we had a great time covering lots of ground with him.