Ep. 12. Robbie Kroger - Blood Origins


Robbie Kroger

Blood Origins

My guest today is Robbie Kroger. Robbie is originally from South Africa but moved to the United States and became a respected biologist working extensively in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi and Louisiana. In his 40’s, Robbie discovered a letter written to him by his grandfather explaining a high South African hunting heritage that Robbie never knew he had. This letter sparked a deep interest of hunting heritage, communities and history. The more the fire burned inside of Robbie, the more he sought to answer the biggest question asked from the non-hunting community… “Why”.

To help provide insight not seen in most network programming or on social media pages, Robbie formed a short film series titled “Blood Origins”. Each episode showcases an individual sharing their story and their “why”. Guests like Jim Shockey, Will Primos and Cuz Strickland have powerful stories to share, but the series also features unknown hunters whose passion burns just fierce and stories are just as impactful.

I sat down with Robbie in his man cave surrounded by water buffalo, leopards and a 20 foot African Rock Python… all pointing back to his South African hunting heritage that is definitely In The Blood.