Ep. 13. Dustin Roddy and Josh Green - Cache River Farms


Dustin Roddy and Josh Green

Cache River Farms

My guests today are Dustin Roddy of Cache River Farms and Josh Green an area supervisor for the Arkansas Game and Fish. I was really excited to have Dustin and Josh on the show for several reasons. First to talk about the Cache River complex, so you guys that hunt Arkansas you know all about the Cache and what a fantastic river and wetland ecosystem that is especially on those major migration days, it’s a magical place.. but it also one of the most, if not THE most important ecosystem in the Mississippi Flyway for migrating waterfowl. To that end, we talk about the conservation efforts that are underway to preserve and restore the Cache. The second reason that I was excited to have them on is because of the wealth of knowledge these two guys have on how to manage properties that will attract ducks like magnets. Their Instagram page is a testament to their conservation and management strategies. The reason I wanted to talk to them about their approach to attracting and holding ducks is because there are a lot of folks out there that see what Cache River Farms is and think that they need massive tracts of land to build an effective waterfowl ecosystem. Not true. Cache River Farms is NOT a huge land tract. In fact, it’s a collection of smaller properties very similar to what most of you guys have access to or have leased. What they’ve done you can absolutely do. A lot of guys also think you need to spend massive amounts of money, also not true. We talk about some strategies that you guys can deploy, this year, to improve your properties ability to attract and hold wintering ducks and geese. The bottomline is… we’re not talking about holding all of the waterfowl on your property, our discussion is focused on how we all benefit from better more effective land use practices. Another reason I wanted Dustin and Josh to dive into these topics is because of the consultation services that they offer through Cache River Farms. Regardless of where your property’s located, Dustin and Josh can help you or your club figure out the most effective ways to maximize the production potential on your specific property. There aren’t many guys with the track records that Dustin and Josh have that are willing to share their strategies with other duck hunters. We’re a pretty secretive group, but in the interest of the notion that a rising tide lifts all boats…they understand that better habitat benefits everyone.