Ep. 11. Dustin Diefenderfer & Ara Megerdichian - MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab


Dustin Diefenderfer & Ara Megerdichian

MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab

My guests today are Dustin Diefenderfer and Ara Megerdichian, creators of the MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. MTNTOUGH Fitness is an online community of men and women who are interested in improving their life performance in three areas: physical strength, endurance mental toughness. The Lab is a collection of proven exercise routines strategically created by Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and training and fitness professionals. These exercises are designed to take the extreme fitness requirements of mountain hunting athletes and deliver those routines, through step by step guidance videos, to men and women all over the world who want to be better hunters, fathers, mothers or just better humans. We talk about the intricacies of the different programs, the phases of mental and physical transformation and how the human body is capable of so much more than our human minds will allow us to believe. This is NOT another body building or weight loss program. The team at MTNTOUGH are fitness and endurance experts who understand how to unlock the physical, mental and emotional capabilities hidden inside of us all. When our mind, body and soul is optimized and working in balanced unity, we become more productive workers, leaders, spouses, parents… and even hunters.