Ep. 26. Grant Wisenbaker & Brenton Washausen - Salt Plains Outfitters


Grant Wisenbaker and Brenton Washausen

Salt Plains Outfitters

My guests today are Grant Wisenbaker and Brenton Washausen owners of Salt Plains Outfitters in northern Oklahoma. If you want to see more ducks and geese in one place at one time, than you have probably ever seen in your life, check out Salt Plains Outfitters. I instantly fell in love with their social media pages, their images are awesome and they just have the game figured out in an area that is fast becoming the new waterfowl mecca… Oklahoma. Grant and Brenton fill us in on how they started SPO, what drew them to that particular area, all the different settings they have to hunt, the multiple different species that are available for you to hunt. Whether you like hunting in pit blinds or layout blinds… maybe you like hunting in the comfort of a frame blinds or maybe you like hiding in the decoys and having birds finish in your lap, they have it all. We talk about some of the different scenarios that may play out with all of this flooding and how that will affect crops and thus affect the fall migration. We talk about their new lodge and some of the plans they have for bringing everyone under one roof and enjoying the comradery and fellowship that only a first class lodge and hunting experience can bring. We talk about how their faithfulness to God guided them through this whole journey of starting a new business based on building relationships and how their Christ centered focus will continue to be guide everything they do. I really enjoyed having Grant and Brenton on the podcast and I think you’ll enjoy it too




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