Ep. 25. Blake Hamilton - Nature's Eye Consulting & Nature's Eye Media


Blake Hamilton

Nature’s Eye Consulting & Nature’s Eye Media

My guest today is Blake Hamilton founder of Nature’s Eye Consulting and Nature’s Eye Media. Nature’s Eye is a habitat conservation, land use and wildlife management company as well as a media and content creative group designed to tell outdoor lifestyle and conservation stories. Blake and I have become friends over the last year or so and I just love his passion and heart for people, nature, relationships and conservation. Blake and I talk about how he developed his love for conserving natural resources and habitat, his time at Mississippi State University and how he wound up working with Mossy Oak. One of the things that I love and admire about Blake is his humility and his faith in trust the Lord. He is very open and honest about not only his faith but also how during his life he has had separation from that faith as we all do. We have a pretty candid discussion about some of the life challenges Blake has encountered and through all of those highs and lows, the things that never waivered, were his focus on Christ and his passion for people and relationships. He is just a super genuine guy and I loved talking with him. We discussed the missions and goals of both the consulting and media side of Nature’s Eye and how those offerings and services can benefit the every day hunter and/or land owner. We talk about the Journey Magazine, which is an incredibly beautiful Nature’s Eye publication, all except for the issues with my photo on the cover… We talk about life, we talk about family, we talk about camp fires and deer hunting and wood ducks and green timber mallard hunts…. Blake is just a great guy with a great family and vision for working with people in the interests of conservation and telling those stories all along the way. I hope you can listen all the way to the end because Blake closes with a super touching call out to all of us and great guidance for us to live by every day. I always enjoy my conversations with Blake, I just love him and his heart for other people.




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