Ep. 29. David Bowen - Southwoods Duck Club


David Bowen

Southwoods Duck Club

My guest today is David Bowen of Southwoods Duck Club. David and I met on Instagram not too long ago, the thing that drew me to David’s page is I noticed he ran his operation out of the Mississippi Delta, which many of you know where my duck hunting heart is. As I got to know David, I learned he is a husband, a father, a brother in Christ and a Delta cotton farmer. David and I had a great conversation about something that I knew very little about and that is farming cotton. I’ve been around enough farmers to learn a little about farming beans and rice and corn, but never about farming cotton so this to me was really interesting. We talked a lot about creating habitat and making properties more attractive to hungry wintering mallards and David actually gave a really good tip for you that hunt flooded corn. He does something very interesting with his water levels to maximize the attraction of his corn crops so listen closely for that. My favorite food source to hunt over is smartweed or barnyard grass. I’ve said before, if it grows in water, chances are it’s a great duck attractant and food source and we talk about that as well. We get into what I think is the most important component of a successful duck hunt, and that is scouting. I know some of you guys are probably rolling your eyes cause you think you don’t have to scout, we go to the same few blinds on our private ground so we don’t need to scout. For the other 98% of you guys listening, pay special attention because a lot of the guys that I have hunted with, especially on the Delta public ground I hunted, were good at finding ducks, but they weren’t effective in scouting for a successful duck hunt. Now you may say what are you talking about. Stick around and listen because David and I discuss the difference in finding ducks and scouting for a good hunt. We finish up talking about Southwoods Duck Club as a public hunting club, we talk about why guys come to Southwoods, what you can expect when you go, lodging meals everything. Personally I am drawn to outfits like Southwoods that know what their focus is and don’t go outside of their core competency, and Southwoods focus is a smaller, relationship focused operation, often one group at a time, max of 8-10 guys and they are going to give you and your bro’s a great experience in camp and in the blind, you’re going to feel like you are hunting with guys that you’ve known your entire life. That’s the kind of camps and clubs I love and hearing David and his passion for the Delta and for making new friends, I can’t wait to get up to Southwoods this year. Oh yeah, we also talk about that one thing that Greyducks do that just drive you nuts so listen for that as well



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