Ep. 27. Dr. Brooks Tiller - The Healthy Hunter


Dr. Brooks Tiller

The Healthy Hunter

My guest today is Dr. Brooks Tiller. Brooks is a doctor of physical therapy and author of The Healthy Hunter – Becoming the Ultimate Predator which is a book about improving, not becoming perfect, but improving your health so that you can live longer and be a mentor and leader to the people you love. Brooks has a unique style of blending two of the things I really love and that’s hunting and become the man that your creator expects you to be. Brooks and I had a great discussion about the foods we put into our bodies and how we can be a bit more mindful and make better choices, we talk about how making a lasting change in our lives simple, but it’s not easy. It’s going to take time and it’s going to take work. Look in the mirror…. That didn’t happen overnight and neither can you undo it overnight, but guys like Brooks provide a ton of really good information on how to eat better and how to exercise smart. We also talk about Brooks’ appearance on American Ninja Warrior and what that whole crazy experience was like, I had an absolute blast having Brooks in the studio and digging into a topic that has really grabbed my attention. We start out by reading a few of the chapters in Healthy Hunter to set up the whole discussion so lets get started with the Healthy Hunter Becoming the Ultimate Predator with our guest Dr. Brooks Tiller…





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