Ep. 20. Drew Seals - Nature's Eye Media


Drew Seals

Nature’s Eye Media

My guest today is a guy that I have grown to love over the last few years. Drew Seals is a talented content and film creator, super passionate and a borderline obsessive perfectionist when it comes to telling stories and drawing up emotions from film and still images. He has worked with Brian and I on several projects because the dude is crazy dedicated to getting the shot. Everytime we’ve been on location with Drew, he ALWAYS has a camera out, always, the dude never stops. Today we talk about growing up in coastal southern Mississippi, his time playing collegiate golf and what that taught him. Drew also does something that I think few people are willing to do, share their mistakes, the repercussions of those mistakes and how those mistakes actually fit into a bigger plan that he now sees and has not only fully embraced, but has poured himself into to walk the path that god has set before him. We talk about how Drew was drawn to creating beautiful moving content by a desire to film his own deer hunts and how following that dream has lead him to a career that he could have never dreamed of. Drew and I talk about our trip to Canada last year where he made the life changing decision to accept Christ and what the impact has been within his life since then. Finally we discuss his role within Nature’s Eye Media and how his talents as a creative supports the overall conservation mission of Nature’s Eye Consulting. In everyone’s life, there are a few people who just make your life more enjoyable because they are in it, and for me Drew Seals is one of those people. We have shared the bottom of trees in flooded timber, layout blinds in chick pea fields and lots and lots of windshield time and I can honestly say that I have loved every single minute of it all. 




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