Ep. 19. Travis Sipe - Duck Wild Waterfowl


Travis Sipe

Duck Wild Waterfowl

My guest today has been on the podcast before, we love having Travis Sipe on the show, we always find something constructive and interesting to talk about. Travis is the owner of Duck Wild Waterfowl outfitters in Waverly, KS. He is also a turkey hunter, a deer hunter and one of the most positive down to earth guys I know. Today we talk about his crazy successful turkey season, we talk about what he is doing to prep for the upcoming duck season and how this insane amount of water and flooding may impact crops as well as hunting this coming year. The conversation, as it usually does, takes a turn. One the things that both Travis and I are really into is self improvement and self betterment. We talk about some of the negative aspects of social media and hunting and share our thoughts and opinions on whether social media has helped or hurt the perception of hunting. We actually have a different opinion and it’s an interesting conversation because I really can see both sides of the conversation. You have instant unfettered access to everybody, immediately, and we talk about all of the different personalities we come across and how we deal with them. We talk about some of our favorite podcasts, why we like them and what we get out of them. It was a really good conversation and it’s why Travis is one of my favorite guests to have on the show.