EP. 30. Chase Moore - TAMU Revelation Outdoors Chapter


Chase Moore

Texas A & M Revelation Outdoors

My guest today has been more than a very good friend he has been a trusted advisor, he has been a prayer warrior and he has been a driving force behind some really cool new directions for the Revelation Outdoors ministry. Chase came to me a little over two years ago and asked if he could start a Revelation Outdoors chapter at Texas A & M and leverage the ROWM brand to drive interest in a men’s ministry on campus. That was a direction to which I had never really given any thought and the more Chase and I discussed how our missions overlapped the more it made sense and the dumber I felt for not thinking of it! Since that time the TAMU ROWM chapter has grown from 20 guys to what they expect to be nearly 60 this semester. They are reaching out to other campuses to duplicate what they have done at A & M as well as small men’s groups off of campus as well. I think in any pursuit, it is good to surround yourself with people who can help you see opportunities to grow that you may miss and Chase has definitely done that for us. In this episode we talk about the TAMU chapter, how it got started, their progress to this point and what is coming up this semester. I had a chance to drive over last March and cook some crawfish and speak to the guys and was just really thrilled to have a group of such Godly men of action representing the ROWM brand. It was truly a blessing. We also talked a good bit about the status, if you will, of Christianity on college campuses and that discussion really unfolded into a broader discussion of why so many men fail to engage, what are some of the obstacles or barriers that keep men from engaging and we distilled that down into two primary things… and you’ll need to listen to our discussion to see what those are! Can’t give away the entire interview in the introduction, what kind of podcast host what I be?? We finally finish up discussing the point that I think a great many men miss when they consider Jesus, and that is his personality. It’s what makes him relational to us. Hopefully you’ll take some time and read the Gospels of Matthew, Mark Luke and John and when you do, I hope you’ll do that looking for all of the little nuggets and passages that show that Jesus was a man, just like you and I, with a personality that draws us in. Think of your best friend. What is it about that person that draws you to him or her? It’s their personality. And the Gospel is alive with the personality of Jesus if you look for it.



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