Ep. 31. Shane Olson and Grant Wisenbaker - Habitat Solutions


Shane Olson and Grant Wisenbaker

Habitat Solutions

My guests today are Grant Wisenbaker and Shane Olson of Salt Plains Outfitters. Grant joined us back in episode 26 and one of the things we talked about was their strategic use of and reliance on varied habitat management practices. So Grant is back but this time we have Shane Olson of Habitat Solutions joining us to go much deeper into that habitat discussion. This was an episode where I learned a lot as well as got confirmation on some things that I thought I knew. Shane has a very unique approach to developing either moist soil units or green tree reservoirs that he shared with us. We also talked a lot about the dietary needs of ducks based on stress and weather which, if you understand, can GREATLY impact your success or failure. If you know not only WHAT ducks like to eat, but when and. Why they like to eat it, you can start to notice patterns in the weather and be better able to predict what food sources the ducks will prefer based on those patterns, and if you had enough foresight to prepare those food sources, you be in a better position to be where the ducks want to be at that particular time. It was a fascinating conversation. Grant and Shane also talked about some of the services provided by Habitat Solutions whether you have a large tract of land that you want to make more appealing, whether you have a small tract that want advice on what you can do with a minimal amount of money, if you are a land owner who doesn’t hunt but you want to make your property more valuable to lease to hunters… there are solutions available. This episode is packed full of information and data and if you want to learn what you should be doing, right now, to put you and your hunting buddies in the best possible position to kill ducks as weather varies this year, you gotta listen to my conversation with Grant Wisenbaker and Shane Olson of Habitat Solutions…  




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