Ep. 21. Matt Roberson - Revelation Outdoors


Matt Roberson

Revelation Outdoors

My guest today is a guy that I am absolutely blessed to call my friend and someone you have heard me speak about many times before on the podcast, Matt Roberson. Matt is a field pastor with Revelation Outdoors, he is an ex-Army Sniper who served two tours in Iraq, came home to be a sheriff’s deputy with the Cross County Sheriff’s Department then joined the Arkansas Highway Patrol. Matt and I connected several years ago when I messaged him about possibly coming up and filming a speckled belly goose hunt. What grabbed my attention was how open and intentional Matt was about his faith and how he uses goose hunting to share the gospel. I didn’t know then, that that weekend spent with Matt on his farm outside of Wynne AR would be the start of way more than a friendship. Matt has been a spiritual grounding rod for me, when I need to talk to someone or need some guidance… whatever it is, Matt doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear, but everything he tells me is firmly based on our common faith and convictions and what we both know is biblical truth. He is a speckled belly goose fanatic and has a drive to figure out what birds are doing and thinking like no one else I have every hunted with. He is the chairman of the L’Anguille River Christian Waterfowler’s Association and one of the funniest guys I know. Believe me I spent 4 days in a truck roundtrip to and from Canada with him and at several points had to beg him to stop because my face hurt from laughing so hard. Today we talk about Matt’s time in the army and how his two tours in Iraq helped shape and define his own personal faith in Christ. We talk about our trip to Canada and tell of few stories from that trip and just have a good time catching up. I said before that he is ADD about two things: Jesus and Speckled Belly geese.



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