Ep. 22. Richard Charlton and Phillip Armstrong - Damascus Waterfowlers & Delta Snows


Richard Charlton & Phillip Armstrong

Damascus Waterfowlers & Delta Snows

My guests today are two guys that I recently connected with on social media – Richard Charlton of Damascus Waterfowler and Phillip Armstrong of Delta Snows. Both Richard and Phillip super passionate duck and goose hunters, but both are medically disabled veterans who are also passionate about connecting and helping other veterans. Richard’s Damascus Waterfowl Club is located in southern Missouri and Phillip is an outfitter with Delta Snows located in the Mississippi Delta focusing primarily on snow geese and specs. Richard is also on staff with Fallen Outdoors which is a fantastic organization that connects past and current military service men and women with other service men and women through hunting and fishing. Phillip is partnered with DTD Outdoors which is a land management organization in Monroe County MS that also provides hunting opportunities to children as well as disabled veterans. When I spoke with Richard and Phillip, we talked about how veterans are uniquely qualified to help other veterans, and in doing so, actually wind up experiencing healing themselves. We talk about Their combat experience in Afghanistan, Richard while serving in the Army and Phillip in the Marine Corps. Then coming home, the challenges each faced, how they attacked those challenges and then channeled their energies into helping others. It was a really inspiring conversation with two warriors who served this country and are now serving others. I want to thank them both for their sacrifice and service

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