Ep. 28. Ryan Bassham - Sitka Gear


Ryan Bassham

Sitka Gear

My guest today is Vice President of Sales for Sitka gear Ryan Bassham. I am very excited to finally have Ryan on the podcast, not only are we a HUGE supporter of the gear and content that Sitka produces, I am also a big fan of Ryan personally. We talk about how he developed his passion for hunting growing up in Texas and how he decided to pursue a career in the outdoor industry. Ryan has hunted waterfowl on 5 continents and in 15 different countries, we talk about some of the more memorable locations he’s visited and people he met including a sketchy encounter he had in Turkey near the Syrian border. I asked Ryan about some of the misconceptions that exist about hunting in other countries because last year was our first experience leaving the country, crossing the border and hunting in Canada and I know I personally was very anxious about that whole process and I found most of the things I worried about were no factors, which lead us to a discussion about Trophy Expeditions, the value which is a company Ryan also runs with his family. We talked about the biggest value that hunters who want to travel and make expeditions to other countries, will experience when booking through Trophy Expeditions is to eliminate that fear of the unknown so you can enjoy the experience you have anticipated for so long. 

We of course talk about Sitka gear, the unique differentiators and value Sitka brings by offering the finest and most effective clothing system to waterfowlers. We talk about some of the new waterfowl products that are ready for sale and whole new ladies and youth lines that are available. Ryan explains how to layer and use the gear the way it’s designed to be used to do the thing that Sitka gear does better than any other brand, and that is manage moisture to maximize the comfort of the user. Ryan talks about the right components to use based on your personal body style and hunting locations and conditions to maximize moisture control and make you more comfortable so you can stay out longer. 

On a personal note, one of the things that I love and admire about Ryan is his testimony and his faith and we talk about both of those as well.




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