Ep. 17. TJ Mallette - Black Duck Lodge


TJ Mallette

Black Duck Lodge

my guest today is TJ Mallette. TJ is a duck hunter and outfitters from Stuttgart, AR. He is the owner operator of the historical Black Duck lodge, right on the banks of the famous Bayou Meto and also in Saskatchewan Canada. So much history and heritage there at Black Duck. He and his soon to be wife Ashton do an absolutely fantastic job welcoming hunters to both locations and making sure that their guests not only have a once in a lifetime shoot, but also experience the warmth of true southern hospitality. One of the things that TJ and I talked about is how important relationships are in the outfitting world. So many times you hunt with an outfitter that really doesn’t seem all that interested in the people they are guiding. TJ and Ashton and the rest of the crew are super at building relationships that make their guests feel like family. I can’t wait to get up there this year and spend some time them. We also talked about how and where TJ got his start duck hunting and coincidentally he and I actually hunted the exact same place in the MS Delta, like I think the same tree! Sounds far out but I think we raced to the same hole a couple of times. I mentioned his future bride Ashton Stockwell, if you haven’t seen the recent short film Uncharted Waters, you need to. Ashton and her close circle of friends are absolutely driven to get up and get after it, they are duck killers. We talk about how TJ and Ashton met and get to share their passion of hunting and outfitting, it’s such a great story. TJ is just one of those guys that after you talk with him for 5 minutes you feel like you’ve known him a lifetime. I can’t wait to get up to Arkansas next year and spend some time with him.




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