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Our Ministry

The goal of our ministry is to show that God can be clearly seen and experienced through the majesty and power of his amazing creation. So many times we’ve watched the sun rise and warmly fill a cold swamp with life and add brilliant color to a dark landscape. It’s at these times when someone will ask the question all sportsmen have heard…

“How can you witness this and say there is no God?”

The answer is simple, you can’t.

As waterfowl hunters, we have all the evidence we will ever need to know and experience Jesus. Whether in a cold flooded cypress brake or in cut corn fields, the beauty of Jesus surrounds us. It is our goal to present Him in a way that all who have experienced His amazing creation might find Him as familiar as an old pair of waders and as comforting as a thermos of hot coffee.

This is not religion… this is witnessing through waterfowl.



Our identity


joey Gauthier

Founder, Revelation Outdoors

Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Passion of Pursuit


Neal Watson

Field Pastor - North Carolina


Matt roberson

Field Pastor - Arkansas


Brian dryden jr.

Founder, Motion Culture Media

Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Passion of Pursuit


lee green

Field Pastor - Louisiana



our mission

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Waterfowlers know that hunting is a bloodsport…

We also know that while not every hunt ends in bloodshed, it should lead you closer to the one who shed His blood for you.

We strive to show the beauty and majesty of Jesus through our experiences in field via social media, live group presentations as well as through our film series “Passion of Pursuit” and testimony series “Project Identity”.

We also talk about the single largest obstacle between most men and a relationship with Jesus…


Through our own experiences and journeys, we have found that while religion gives the appearance of knowing Christ, it actually prevents you from having the real thing. We stress a relationship with Jesus, plus nothing else, is what our creator desperately wants with His creation.

Jesus is the sovereign creator of all things waterfowlers love… mallard ducks, wet dogs, hot coffee, gunpowder, brotherhood, sunrises, goodness and truth. If you or your organization is hosting an event and are in need of a speaker, please contact us. We would love to help make your event a kingdom success.


Passion of pursuit

A Revelation Outdoors Mission

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Project Identity

Our true identity is in Jesus Christ

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No Limits Podcast

Discussion firmly rooted in our waterfowl culture branching out into new topics and experiences


Revelation Outdoors Chapters

Connect with a local chapter or start your own ROWM small group with your local band of duck hunting brothers





We love hearing from men within whose lives we have had some type of impact. We also long to interact with those who have questions about Jesus, his humanity and how they may better come to know Him.

Please feel free to contact us:

Revelation Outdoors

112 Little Creek Lane

(504) 621-4917

Covington, LA. 70433

If you are planning a men’s event or wild game dinner and would like for us to follow up with you, please complete the form below. Tell us about your event and what you are hoping to accomplish and we’ll be glad to help you plan and execute an event with a kingdom purpose in mind.


And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly

Acts 6:7